Superintendent, After Inter-School Fight: 'Schools Cannot Alone Keep Schools Safe'

St. Charles School District Superintendent Jeff Marion says social media presents a unique challenge to schools in regards to school safety.

Following news that several Ferguson-Florissant School District students were involved a fight at St. Charles West High School, Ferguson-Florissant officals are still awaiting for a complete police investigation to hand down punishment

Meanwhile to St. Charles Patch, said, "the only thing that might have made a difference is if someone, if some of the kids, had given us a heads up. Maybe we could have talked to parents and kids and intervened."

The fight began on a social media website between students from St. Charles West the Ferguson-Florissant School District and culminated Feb. 8 when several teenagers, some of whom attend the Ferguson-Florissant District, entered the St. Charles high school to start a fight.

Eleven St. Charles West students were later suspended. 

According to a KSDK report, Marion said the social media angle is a challenge.

From KSDK:

"If their privacy settings are such that we can't get it, they have to agree to show it to us. Some students show us information that's been sent to them and we rely on that," said Dr. Marion.

"We've got to take a look at social media, how we can use it to our advantage to make sure that we can take steps or measures to deal with anything that may come up out of that," said Officer Erik Lawrenz with the St. Charles Police Department.


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