The New Mayor of Florissant

Tom Schneider captures mayoral seat in hotly contested six-person race.

Tom Schneider defeated five other candidates in the Florissant municipal election to become the third mayor in more than 40 years.

Schneider captured 37 percent of the vote against his opponents to gain the title of chief administrator of the city. Fellow candidates Susan Geerling and Mark Behlmann followed closely behind with 24 and 23 percent of the vote respectively. 

“Democracy is not perfection," he said. "Just because something isn’t perfect does not mean it’s rotten, or corrupt. The press and people in the community have the right to made their voice heard when they believe something is wrong.”

Schneider has served the past 32 years as the Ward 3 City Councilman.

Once votes have been certified by the city of Florissant, Schneider will be sworn into office at a city council meeting. 

Read more about Schneider’s win and what his opponents had to say on Wednesday.

MJ April 11, 2011 at 04:59 PM
I am anonymous because I don't feel like being harassed for expressing my opposition, as many have experienced when opposing Lowery in the past. I applaud his neighbors for standing up to him and displaying a sign for a different candidate, risking harassment (and in one case, experiencing it), but I do not care to subject my young family to that stress. Geerling was in favor of redeveloping Cross Keys and even using TIF money for the project. She voted no on the FINAL vote (it was 5-4) because she and the others knew Florissant would not be getting the best deal if they just submitted to every change the developer made (some very huge, like adding a few million extra TIF dollars and changing the anchor store to Home Depot, though they had been told by the entire council that Florissant did not want a home improvement store in this development) AFTER their proposal was accepted. The council had been warned that the developer was in the habit of this sort of bait and switch, but only four council members had the strength of character to challenge these changes. If your father had shown more strength or had Florissant's best interest in mind when voting, we may have gotten a better deal on the project. But as it is now, Florissant will not profit from the development until the bonds are paid off (about 13 more years, I think?). Until then, the city loses around $400,000-600,000 per year on the deal. How many salaries could that pay for?
MJ April 11, 2011 at 05:20 PM
You can say the police endorsement was unintentional, but most people realize that every component of an advertisement (this one being political) is intentional. Any component without purpose is seen as distracting and left off. It is also telling that the police department felt so disgusted with this implied endorsement that they felt compelled to send out a letter to all registered voters stating they do not endorse him. If they supported him at all, they would not have taken that action. It does not sit well with me that the relationship between our mayor-elect and our police department is strained at best and perhaps hostile. You did not respond to the whole Dick Kellet, Election Commissioner, endorsement letter conflict of interest. Do you think it is ethical? This shows bad judgment and bias in a position that begs neutrality. True, Mr. Kellet is the main guilty party, but your father was an accomplice, funding and distributing the letter. I, too, hope your father surprises all of us with some honest and fiscally responsible leadership, but it is rare for politicians to change their ways.
Julie Krupp April 12, 2011 at 03:09 PM
I have been a resident of Florissant for most of my life; turning 35 this past year. I do not know the politics that everyone else seems to know of Florissant nor the "he said--she said" scenarios I myself try to stay away from. I do know that everyone deserves a chance and although everyone has a right to their opinion I would like to think positive of this great city and get it back to feeling safe and secure. I love Florissant and one of THE only folks still in the area out of all that I knew 10-15 years ago. I will fight for Florissant because I love my town and hope that we can all come together in unity to fight to save it no matter who won. I do not know if there is a wrong or right answer I just know that I believe in people and try to find the good in all of them. Positive affirmations go a long way so I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor T. Schneider and to the residents of Florissant as a whole let's all work together in keeping our city what it once was.
MW April 14, 2011 at 11:14 PM
Grew up in calverton park and moved to Florissant 24 years ago. In general with politics aside the city is on the decline and has been for many years. City council meetings allow people to speak their mind but the council had already made up their minds! I have lost confidence in our police officers. Don't see them around much to slow these fools down on side streets or running stop signs like they're not there. What happened to code enforcement? Folks obviously working a side business out of their driveway making noise way past the 11 o' clock hour. Parking several cars that are there to work on all along the street. You might say; well call it in! How many times? Enforce the laws with integrity. How many Quick Trips, McDonald's, or Walgreens do we need? 3 of each within 2 miles is ridiculous. It will be interesting to see if the peoples issues will be a focal point no matter who is in charge. Don't need a bunch of lip service. Would love to see improvement in some of these areaa.
Joan Hilboldt April 25, 2011 at 08:49 PM
Lets just remember he is a father and husband and any personal attacks are unwarranted. Perhaps with Lowery gone, Mr. Schneider will feel a great weight lifted and ignite the city to start thinking to the future.


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