Florissant Walmart Public Hearing Pushed Back Until March

The petitioners requested that the council postpone the hearing until its March 25 meeting.

The ruling on the amendment to Walmart’s proposal will have to wait a little bit longer. 

The public hearing scheduled for Monday’s City Council was postponed until the March 25 meeting at the petitioner’s request, and the council approved the postponement.

This is the third postponement for the public hearing.

Previously, Walmart received approval of its development plans last year from the council and has requested an amendment to its plans, which have a cause of concern for City Engineer Tim Barrett.

Barrett told the council at its Jan. 28 meeting that he’s worried about the truck traffic for the development as well as “soil in the flood plane fringe,” which violates city ordinance, according to an article from the Independent News.

Residents on Facebook continue to show their support and opposition for the project.

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Trish Frank wrote, “Yes bring it here ... Extra tax dollars for the city and state, new job creation. why not? If Target is here with a big box store and grocery, why not allow Walmart? (sic) Do you really think Target got in here years ago without some sort of benefit from the city. KMart? Well, they are on their way out because of their already under performing stores and lack of stock in their shelves. Just go to their electronics dept. Many pegs are empty or only have one item on it. Those of us that shop Walmart drive to Ferguson, Granite City or ST. Charles and give them out tax dollars ... Let's keep it in the community. If the city doesn't want them, then I hope Walmart goes out and develops on the Jamestown mall property and maybe the county will work with them.”

Resident Nancy Koester Wolfmeyer feels differently about the project.

“A big NO we don't need it here look into it about treating it's workers don't want to Insure everything from overseas and think about it what will happen to our neighborhoods Ferguson will most likely close down do you want more crime?” she wrote. “And Handyman has not gone out of business because loyal customers we don't need a big box Walmart.”

The next Florissant City Council meeting will be held Feb. 25.

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