Florissant City Council Considers Bath Salts Ordinance

If passed, Florissant would follow the lead of St. Charles County in banning synthetic drugs in the area.

The Florissant City Council took a proactive step last night in preventing the sale of bath salts, the latest popular hallucinogenic in the St. Louis region. 

Earlier this month, the passed a ban that prevents the sale of synthetic chemicals labeled as bath salts. Although the bath salts have harmless names, the drugs mimic the effects of cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy. 

The County Council unanimously passed an emergency ordinance in response to a  a 26-year-old St. Charles man who attacked three people at the First Baptist Church in St. Peters after smoking Supercense, a synthetic form of marijuana that was legal.

Ward 7 Florissant City Councilwoman Karen McKay and Ward 4 Councilman Keith English co-sponsored Bill 8725. 

The bill would prohibit the sell and possession of bath salts and other synthetic drugs, such as synthetic marijuana, throughout the city of Florissant.

McKay said the St. Charles County ordinance caught her attention, and she brought the question to Florissant Police Chief William Karabas.

“I called the chief and asked his opinion, and he said, ‘Karen, we need to be ahead on this thing,’" she said. “If we have a law here, they’ll go somewhere else.”

English said that he knows there’s a problem with bath salts in Florissant and outside of the boundaries of the city, and he wants to resolve the issue quickly.

Although most councilors were supportive of the bill, a few, including Ward 2 Councilman John Grib and Ward 5 Councilman Keith Schildroth expressed concerns about passing the bill so quickly. 

“I’m not opposed to the legislation, but I have concerns about this bill,” Grib said. “Anyone who reads Bill 8725 without a background in organic chemistry doesn’t even know what we’re reading.”

Grib said he wanted further discussion on the bill and wanted to be able to ask some more questions. 

The council voted to postpone the bill to the May 10 meeting. 

Although the bill was postponed, McKay and English felt confident that the bill would be passed at the next meeting.

“It’s tools that we need to get to the police department,” McKay said.

Police Chief Karabas said that the tool would not benefit the police department but the youth in this community from buying a lethal substance, and, most importantly, it will keep the substances out of the community.

J April 28, 2011 at 03:56 PM
First off, bath salts are horrible. Anyone who has a brain can tell you that bath salts are no good. The LSD type stuff is rather new so I really can't comment on that. However if you do your research you will find that there are only isolated cases where there were major problems. The guy who ran into the church could have been already mental or on some other meds. We will never know, but the St. Charles County Sheriff finds that it can use this as proof synthetics are bad. They stated the name of the synthetic in their report, however with a lil research I found there was nothing at all named the substance that the kid said he took. What do you suppose happens when legal drugs go banned? People go on a rage, get agitated, have withdrawls and will do anything to get high. Resulting in doing hard core drugs (THE REAL THING) How about controlling who the synthetics are sold to? Hell even prescriptions are being sold and misused MUCH more than synthetics and we KNOW they can kill. Yet the government will not focus on the real problem, METH and HEROIN. I have lost respect for St. Charles County and now Florissant. How about some research from both sides of the spectrum rather than just hearing bad isolated incidents? There are folks who would rather relax with a smoke rather than taking prescription meds that are known to cause heart attacks, liver damage ect, ect. If you are driving like a moron while on something then sure nab someone for it!


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