Drunk Driver in Car Crash That Killed Florissant Man to be Sentenced

Patrick Walsh was was driving about 100 mph in a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado and had a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit when he crashed into a Chevy Tahoe on Interstate 270, near West Florissant Road, in 2011.

Patrick Walsh, the drunk driver responsible for a car crash that killed a Florissant man in September 2011, will be sentenced in a St. Louis County courtroom this morning. 

Walsh, according to reports, was was driving a truck about 100 mph and had a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit when he crashed into a Chevy Tahoe that Steve Brueggen, of Florissant, was riding in on Interstate 270, near West Florissant Road. 

The Tahoe flipped over several times, ejecting Brueggen and another man, Michael R. McLemore, 37, of O’Fallon, from the truck. Both were killed.

Brueggen was a well-liked teacher in Maryland Heights.

Walsh and the other occupants in the Tahoe had minor injuries.

Walsh was charged, and later pleaded guilty, to two counts of manslaughter while operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol level of .18 percent or greater and five counts of assault.

Hopefaith February 17, 2013 at 01:11 AM
MADD for Life: Being very familiar with the organization myself, you don't fit the "Mission Statement" with your name calling or the other changes in "behavior" it seems. See below...It states: "The mission or purposes of MADD as stated in its Articles of Incorporation were “To aid the victims of crimes performed by individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to aid the families of such victims and to increase public awareness of the problem of drinking and drugged driving." It is opposed to the criminal act of drunk driving, NOT INDIVIDUALS. MADD also updated its mission statement to “Mothers Against Drunk Driving provides grassroots leadership to create major social change in the attitude and behavior of Americans toward drunk driving."
Hopefaith February 17, 2013 at 01:25 AM
Do we know for sure what the time frame was that the other driver was tested, or if they even were?. A few people that seen the sight of the accident stated empty beer cans/bottles were all over the scene from the other car. We all have to everything we can to protect ourselves from other's poor decisions. Designated drivers and seat belts are 2 that are very important. Prayers for all involved.
Nick Papa G February 17, 2013 at 02:08 AM
A friend of mine was in the other car,someone's wife was a designated driver! So what's your point Hopefaith!
Hopefaith February 17, 2013 at 04:43 AM
Actually there was no "point" Papa. But what part didn't you understand? I'm not being confrontational but you do know they weren't married right? I've known people in both of these positions. I wish to be in neither of them or have any of my kids in neither. But I have tried to put myself in the position of both cars and the families of each. Let me ask you..if your kid or loved one is ever a driver that had that "one for the road", etc. and happened to be a factor in the death of someone, would you give up on them? Would you no longer love them? Support them? Are you saying that this could NEVER happen to you or anyone you love? Like I stated in a previous message that was apparently deleted for whatever reason. Organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers have a "mission" to bring awareness and education against impaired drivers and "change the mentality thereof, etc". They are opposed to the crime...NOT the PERSON. My "point" there is that it does no good to add to the stress of this situation (like what your remark that is tinged with a threatening tone of "I'll have to be there next time"). It only makes you part of the problem..not the solution. Be there for the right reasons. Believe in your justice system. The families that lost their loved one's in this sad tragedy don't need any more reasons to be surrounded by anger. And being a victim sure doesn't give anyone the right to be verbally attacking everyone else - no matter who is supporting who.
Sweet Girl February 18, 2013 at 09:16 PM
Sweet Girl Yes, Mr. Walsh did drink, drive and two lives were loss and there should be punishment. However, not to speak ill of those that have passed, let us not forget the trouble Michael McLemore had been in with drinking and driving. Let us all hope that our children, as they grow up and go through their teenage years where they know no fear and do not fully realize the consequence of their actions, find themselves behind the wheel while having been drinking and cause a horrific accident. Then our families (victims) and I am supportive of the victims, will be sitting on the other side and know the pain the defendent and his family are going through also. Having to live with the fact that you took two lives because you were out having fun would have to be horrible to live with. Unfortutately, good people do bad things.


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