Shooting on N. Florissant Road Did Not Happen in North County

Recent headlines of four people being shot on N. Florissant Road had many email Patch with concerns; however, there is a simple confusion of two street names.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps
On Saturday, headlines regarding four people being shot on N. Florissant Road had some Patch readers concerned.

There were calls wondering why St. Louis City was handling a shooting in Florissant and questions about what was going that would have such a violent crime happen in the area.

In fact, on one article about the incident, a reader comment expressed sadness about what he felt was increasing county crime. Other commenters got into a debate about crime related to a St. Louis City and  St. Louis County merger.

But there was no shooting in Florissant, or in North County. 

This past weekend, the shooting occurred on North Florissant Avenue in St. Louis City.  It's easy to hear and confuse; New Florissant Road in Florissant, and North Florissant Avenue in St. Louis. 

Florissant Patch spoke with Florissant Police Department spokesman Andy Haarmann who confirmed the incident location. 

"This did not happen in the City of Florissant," he said. "It happened in the City of St. Louis.

"West Florissant turns into North Florissant past Grand Ave., and it remains North Florissant until it gets to around Cass Ave., in North St. Louis."

Were you concerned when you heard about the shooting? 


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