Police Find 3,000 Bootleg DVDs in North County Man's SUV

A clerk at a Florissant convenience store told Florissant Police the man was being pushy and disruptive in trying to sell bootleg movies to him and to customers.

A North County man faces a criminal charge of selling bootleg DVDs from the parking lot of a Florissant convenience store.

Richard Cheney, 54, of the 1200 block of Springhurst Drive north of Florissant, was charged with sale of unauthorized recordings, a felony.

Florissant Police said they received a report of a man selling bootleg movies out of the back of his SUV Sept. 22 in the Grandview Convenience Food and Liquor parking lot at 1711 Dunn Road. When they arrived, they found the man inside the store.

A clerk at the store told police he bought about 40 DVDs, paying $25 for the movies, in an attempt to get Cheney to leave the store. He said Cheney was being pushy and disruptive in seeking to sell the movies to customers and the clerk.

Florissant Police said they found about 3,000 bootleg DVDs in Cheney’s vehicle.

Cheney posted a $10,000 bond on Jan. 31 and was released from St. Louis County jail.

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normalicy February 28, 2013 at 07:30 AM
I tried to report this guy to the Motion Picture Association a few years ago. He was pushy in our store too. Never got a reply. This from the same organization that is suing everyone & their brother for on-line piracy.
Esoteric Agenda March 03, 2013 at 08:28 PM
It's believers and supporters of a Police State like you that are helping to usher in the New World Order and insure Big Brother can control us and every aspect of our lives. If you do your research you'll find that it's not the MPAA that's suing people, it's small independent film companies, primarily ADULT FILM makers, that began filing suits on people who had downloaded their movies. Due to the cost of fighting the suit virtually every single case was settled without a single one ever going to trial, This was well documented in a cover story by RIverfront Times. You should be more worried about them putting fluoride in your drinking water, which in reality is Chinese industrial waste. Watch The Great Culling on You Tube. If you want to get upset about something there are much bigger issues and more important things destroying America than some guy selling bootleg movies. What purpose and who do you serve by judging others and feeling it is your responsiblity to report them? Do you really believe you're making the world a better place by engaging in such a trivial & petty action? It's the corporations that have no soul and care only about money and the bottom line that are leading us down the road we're on which is a far departure from the world our parents grew up in, and sadly not for the better unless your passion is technology and the loss of your civil rights. Our constitution is being eroded and destroyed before us. Like Bob Dylan says....You Gotta Serve Somebody
Esoteric Agenda March 26, 2013 at 01:18 AM
Wasn't the entire Kennedy Dynasty - Joseph - JFK - RFK - Teddy Built On BOOTLEGGING!!!!! Read your history books, do your research. If not for bootlegging we would not have had JFK the LAST GREAT AMERICAN PRESIDENT who actually WAS MURDERED BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT and RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR OWN FACES for trying to stop the NEW WORLD ORDER! America is so out of touch with reality we have no idea that the real criminals are the FEDERAL RESERVE & The Shadow Government that brought down the World Trade Center. LOOK AT BUILDING 7!!! It's The Smoking Gun and The Zapruder film of 9/11. Not surprisingly now BANNED from Network television. Remember they didn't let them show JFK getting his brains blown out on national tv until 10 years after it happened, figured we'd forgotten about it by then. 911 was an INSIDE JOB! Wake Up America! If we're more worried about guys selling bootleg dvd's and kids downloading musically illegally on the internet than catching and prosecuting the REAL KILLERS of 9/11 then we don't really even deserve to be free, do we? The Greatest Mass Murder In US History - More Deaths than all the serial killers in US History COMBINED! We spent $100 to investigate Whitewater to find out if Bill Clinton got a blow job and what the meaning of the word IS IS but only spent $12 million to investigate 9/11, and only originally budgeted $4 million for it. REALLY!!!? I guess there's nothing unusual about that, IS THERE?????????????????
Esoteric Agenda July 11, 2013 at 11:31 AM
The FLorissant Police are one of the most corrupt police departments in the country. Several members of the department have been convicted of crimes, including officers, captains and even the chief of police. They believe they are above the law. They planted cocaine on a woman in a custody battle in order to get her children taken away. The Florissant Police Officer was convicted and sent to prison. Another Florrisant Police Officer KILLED a guy in Granite City during a pursuit and had another FPD officer go to Gaffney's and stage a break-in to cover his ass 6 minutes after the motorist was killed in Pontoon Beach,IL. The officer later testified in court that this was false and the only reason he had for chasing the vehicle was a broken window. They are not respectable, as a whole, and break several laws routinely as well as violate citizens' civil rights and completely disregard the US Constitution. The new chief is not a man of his word and has broken proimses he made to me personally. I have lived here for over 40 years and I no longer want to be a part of this community due to the blatant corruption of the Florissant Police Department. If I had to choose one word to describe them: EVIL!


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