Man Rams Florissant Squad Car Injuring Officer, Police Say

The officer suffered a concussion during the car chase and was hospitalized overnight. The man's car was disabled and he was caught after a brief chase on foot.

A man led police on a chase Feb. 5 and rammed a squad car, injuring a Florissant officer and disabling his own car.

Florissant Police said an officer tried to pull over Kenneth Lawrence on a traffic stop on New Halls Ferry Road, but Lawrence would not pull over and tried to flee in his car, according to court documents.

At about 1270 New Halls Ferry Road, the man swerved at the patrol car, and the officer had to swerve to avoid a collision, said Florissant Police spokesman Andy Haarman.

Lawrence, 33, turned onto Dunn Road and into the Sugar Pines Apartment complex where the first officer was joined by a second patrol car in the chase.

Police said in a report that Lawrence saw the second officer coming to assist the first officer on Sugar Crest Road and accelerated and rammed the second patrol car, giving the officer a concussion.

The collision also disabled Lawrence’s car and he got out and ran, Haarman said. He was caught and arrested after a brief foot chase.

The injured officer was hospitalized overnight and released the next day. He returned to active duty Monday, Haarman said.

Lawrence, of the 5300 block of Fletcher Avenue in Jennings, was charged with two counts of assaulting an officer and one count of resisting arrest. He was being held in St. Louis County jail Monday. Bail was set at $100,000.

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thomas gordon February 14, 2013 at 05:29 PM
We have a great police dept.-I hope the judge gives this man the maximun. Our officers work hard to keep us safe and they need to know the system is behind them.
K Smith February 14, 2013 at 09:33 PM
I disagree. This department is corrupt and doesn't investigate crimes such as child abuse. We have 4 kids abused by a sitter and this department did NOTHING after knowing of one incident to our son. They covered it up and didn't even get the medical records for our one son which the perpetrator pled guilty. It took 8 months of trying to just get a police report for stolen mail by the perpetrator's grown daughter and they never even brought her in for questioning. Sgt. Biermann thought this was funny and he lied to us saying we would be the second ones to know and this is now over a year later. Can you believe this guy was promoted to watch commander? This is disgraceful! We deserve better than this. He smiled about it taking 8 months to get the first interviews done about all the substantiated abuse to our children and then NO INVESTIGATION. They they have no police reports except the one incident and it took 9 months to have us come in to do our written reports. They violated Missouri State Policy about doing an Co-investigation for physical abuse which was done to our son resulting in a femur fracture and perforated eardrum. Neither DFS or the Florissant Police department contacted the physician which is basic in doing a child abuse investigation. We want Florissant to know the truth!!! We deserve better!!!!
james February 14, 2013 at 10:28 PM
Everybody already know how there be ten different sides of the story. The police are dirty cuz that's my blood cousin and I know how he is mostly def and he is not the type of guy that match none of these lies...police twisted up the story the way they wanted to cover their tails...I would appreciate a heard voice
Antoine Washington February 14, 2013 at 11:18 PM
There is always more than one side to the story. And one thing I know is he's not that type of person. But police will abuse their power any chance they get. Not saying all police r bad but 90% of them r. But anytime your DWB u r subject to b accused of something.
Marcel Marcel February 14, 2013 at 11:19 PM
First off James learn how to talk, thank you! Next, the Florissant Police Department is a pretty good department. I've actually been there and the stay was teribble. I think the way jail should be. Your cousin is deaf by the way. He was caught in a apartment complex, that he didn't live in and if he wasn't stopping after sirens and lights are on him that's called evading. When you (key word is in capital) don't STOP.....they kinda don't like that. There not there to pamper you and if you break the law you go to jail. You with the molested children so the police are at fault how..???because of your children!!! Maybe if you weren't leaving your children with whomever was available they would not be headed to a dark place here. You guys kill me with the police took a year do the case...you know some cases take years and without proper evidence its tough to get these things solved. The children are the victims and you should be focused on making their everyday lives better. Because you want to be free and do other things than be a parent. Something tells me you probably shouldn't have children. That's OK I don't make the rules. Lastly I not sure but please stop leaving the children with uncle Ray Ray and dem, so you can't kick it. Just another thought for ya. Thanks have a great day.
K Smith February 15, 2013 at 04:53 AM
Marcel, The kids weren't molested. We are talking physical abuse by a 55 year old woman who is a psychopath. Our kids are doing better. They have been in weekly therapy for the past 4 years, they are healing. However, this police department did no investigation to get any evidence. They chose to ignore our cries for help as well as the prosecuting attorney who was removed from all cases after our complaint, and DFS was found to be at fault as well as the police department by the Office of the Child Advocate due to NO INVESTIGATION including interviewing us and our children. I am now staying home after teaching special ed. for over 20 years due to this abuse and we all are recovering from PTSD. We do focus all of our energy into helping our children making lemonade out of lemons and all our kids want to help other children by being a therapist, a therapist using horses for children with special needs and our son would like to teach kindergarten.
Michael Rainer February 17, 2013 at 01:33 AM
I love you bra and God is the head of our life's I love you and God got us. Hey y'all that's not my brother real talk. I love u man
shonda reed February 17, 2013 at 03:53 AM
-cupcake- This coment is directed to marcel... let me ask you something? Do you know my cousin? If you think you do, let e tell you now, you don't. I don't care if you been staying in florrisant all your life, you don't know them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, what the police said about him and what he did is a lie... if you know my cousin then you would know that this isn't his character.... The police lie all the time, so marcel get your self together because i see you can be eaisly minipulated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE
keisha February 17, 2013 at 03:31 PM
First off there are always 3 different sides to.a story n the police always going to try to cover there track to make themselves look good...my cuzzin is not no where near that type of person n the story dont seem to be true..how about they put his side up here n then lets see the comments....To the Marcel person its best if you keep your comment to yourself n always remember dont judge a book by its cover...u dont know him....but anyways kenny hold yo head up n i love u cuzzin
tammy February 17, 2013 at 04:01 PM
But if he did do it I hope he gets the maximum time because I police officer are out to protect us
tammy February 17, 2013 at 06:43 PM
I guess all of you are family to this person how you know that he did do this I stay out here and there police are not like that
Ms. Pretty February 17, 2013 at 06:43 PM
IS $100,000 THAT SERIOUS. NO ONE PERMENTLY HURT OR DIED? Aja Q. Why you post Clayton County mug shot of Kenneth instead Florissant mug shot?Q. Did Florissant or Clayton set that bond? Q.What kind of car Kenneth was in? Q. Kenneth put his car in reversed and rammed it into a on coming police car. The officer and Kenneth's car was injured and not Kenneth? Is Kenneth supposed to be iron man or something? Are we suppose to believe he started running, after an impact hit? KEEP IN MIND ACCELARATING & RAMMED Q.The officer was hospitalized Kenneth wasn't? Aja you have Kenneth,s address why you didn't go get Kenneth's or his parent statement? You went to get the statement from Florissant spokesman. They didn't find any drugs or weapons. All this for Kenneth having a traffic warrant. Kenneth was charged with two counts of assaulting an officer and one count of resisting arrest. He was being held in St. Louis County jail. Bail was set at $100,000. The officer is not dead nor does he have a permanent injury, the officer returned back to work doing his regular duties. People remember this is a one man sided story. So he say she say, other words; Florissant Police spokesman Andy Haarman, told Aja J. Junior repeating Florissant Police spokesman Andy Haarman words to us. That's he say and she say. What we need to do is; stop passing judgment, being negative, mean, and angry about something that is one sided. Let's pray and fast. Put it in Our God's hands. Peace be still.
keisha February 17, 2013 at 07:49 PM
To the tammy person do u know him.....No....we know what he capable of doing....n i stay out there to...so keep your negative comments to yourself...like we said its a one sided story....
Ms. Pretty February 17, 2013 at 10:23 PM
It don't look or sound good on Kenneth behalf if you are family or friends cursing and talking street slang. Just think about the picture Florissant police department painting about him. If you have to talk like that, keep your comments. This is about a man life. Remember pray and fast. Speak positive.....
Yogi February 18, 2013 at 02:55 AM
Yogi- First off i am all for and support Officers who serve and protect daily. However, i do not condone harrassment, DWB, or police brutality. At the end of the day Kenny is INNOCENT until proven guilty in a Court of Law and only GOD can judge him forreal...praying that Truth and FAIRNESS prevails....We've had alot of unfair and rude comments made and unless you where there to witness the event then I suggest you keep your negative assumptions and connotations to yourself. For the simple minded, ignorant, idiotic person/persons I will make it elementary for you...do as the screen says at the movie theatres...SILENCE IS GOLDEN. # Enough said.
dajuan February 19, 2013 at 02:15 PM
Hold ya head lil cuzz GOD got us all . U no tht aint how we even move out here .lov u my nigg
Aja J. Junior (Editor) February 19, 2013 at 02:42 PM
Comments have been removed from this story as they violate our terms of service. Please make sure to keep it clean and respectful through the comments stream. http://florissant.patch.com/terms
Aja J. Junior (Editor) February 19, 2013 at 02:42 PM
Ms. Pretty, I didn't actually write the story, but I have sent your comments onto the writer.
Joe Scott February 19, 2013 at 03:18 PM
Ms. Pretty: To answer your questions, I used the St. Louis County mug shot because that was the one that's available. I did not get the information on the kind of car Kenneth was driving. I did go to the Florissant spokesman to clear up some things in the probable cause statement. I often don't check with the person charged or their families because their attorneys usually do not want them to speak to the press. They're afraid a misstatement could hurt their case, and any other statements usually do not help them in court. However, if Mr. Lawrence or his parents would like to have their side of the story in here, I'd be happy to talk to them. I agree -- there always is more than one side to the story--two sides at a minimum. That's why I qualify almost everything I write with "police said" or "according to court documents." If charges are dropped or if Mr. Lawrence is found innocent, I'd more than happy to report on that. As for your questions regarding the disparities in Kenneth's and the officer's health, that is taken both from court documents and the police spokesman's statements.
ash June 21, 2013 at 03:51 PM
This is for the Poster K Smith and regarding the child abuse / neglect situation at an in home babysitter's home. I would like to speak to you about this as I believe this has occurred again. All safe guards were used to run a background check.


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