Man Clipped by Car When He Crosses Street to Convenience Store

It happened Tuesday on a dark stretch of Missouri Route 109 at Wild Horse Creek Road.

A man crossing Missouri Route 109 Tuesday near his house was hit by a car at the corner of Wild Horse Creek Road about 9:20 p.m.

A witness at the scene, who wished to remain unidentified, said the injured man was headed to the  to pick up soda for workers who were doing house repairs the next day.

The witness said she was a nurse, and had put ice around the man's injured foot that had been run over in the accident along the dark stretch of the highway.

The woman said she saw something happen just ahead of her and she heard a man yell, " 'Help, they just hit me.' "

Witnesses said the driver of the car striking the man returned to the scene in some confusion about what had happened. The injured man is a Wildwood resident. Police did not reveal his name.

Matt Abdiannia, who works at the gas station and store, said he was outside the building at the time of the accident, and saw a shadow of a person walking on the highway.

"It was pitch black, and anyone there should use a flashlight," he said.

Abdiannia said he heard what he later identified as the hand of the man thump against the car during what turned out to be the accident.

"The man is lucky that he wasn't hit in another place, 10 inches from where it happened on his body. If his leg would've been hit, it might've rolled him and it could've been goodbye," Abdiannia said.

The injured man was seen sitting up on a stretcher as paramedics surrounded him.

Police from both  and Chesterfield Police Department responded to the accident. A Monarch Fire Protection District crew also came to the scene. The ambulance service was provided by .

Christopher Reilly August 31, 2011 at 03:58 PM
Great work on this story, Julie!


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