Facts Support Arrest in Valerie Butler Case

Police cite three facts to back up their suspicions that Paul Tripp abandoned Valerie Butler's corpse in early February.

Florissant Police Paul A. Tripp on March 13 for abandonment of a corpse. Authorities suspect he abandoned the body of Valerie Butler, a Maryland Heights woman who went missing in early February.

Thanks to the probable cause statement, provided by the St. Louis County Prosecutor's office, Patch has more information on the arrest. Officials believe Tripp abandoned Butler's body on Feb. 11.

Police cite three facts to support that belief:

  • Butler was seen leaving the bar with Tripp.
  • Butler was found several weeks later in a field.
  • Several people saw Tripp carrying Butler around that night and the next morning.

Tripp is already serving a five-year probation sentence for drug charges, according to Missouri's Case Net system, which he pleaded guilty to in 2010.


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