Brake Failure Causes Tendercare Van Collision, Police Say

Hazelwood Patch spoke with acting Chief of Police Gregg Hall about Tuesday's accident where a Tendercare passenger van crashed into the facility's building.

It appears the cause of Tuesday's vehicle crash at Tendercare Learning Center in Hazelwood may have to do with failing equipment.

Hazelwood Patch spoke with acting Hazelwood Chief of Police Gregg Hall about what caused a Tendercare Learning Center passenger van to crash into the building.

"The driver indicates that the brakes failed on the vehicle," he said.

Hall did not indicate whether or not the accident was being investigated any further.

The Hazelwood Police Department is reporting minor injuries following the incident.

"While driving a company van, an employee of Tendercare Learning Center accidentally drove the otherwise unoccupied van through the wall of the child care facility," Hall said on Tuesday.

Two 6-year-old girls were injured on the inside of the building at crash impact because falling debris inside the building fell on them.

Hall said the injuries are not believed to be of a serious nature, although one child's parents took her to a local hospital for an examination.

The facility located in the 400 block of Candellight Lane, accepts children from age two to age 12.

Parents were told on Wednesday their children would attend the second Hazelwood Tendercare facility, which is located across the street, until the building is repaired.

Hazelwood Patch called Tendercare Learning Center and the woman that answered the phone said the director had no comment at this time.

Ashley December 21, 2012 at 01:21 AM
That is good to know. I was worried the person was on their cell phone or intoxicated. Still it is a sign the day care isn't keeping up on vehicle maintenance which is also concerning.


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