August Crime Numbers: Florissant Robberies Decrease, Car Thefts Rise

Last month, crime saw fluctuations across the board in increases and decreases for the Florissant area.

Although robberies and burglaries decreased last month, compared to the same time last year, Florissant crime in several other categories increased for the month of August.

According to the latest monthly crime report by the Florissant Police Department, robberies declined from four in August 2011 to one and burglaries saw a reduction from 24 to 20 for the same time period. On the other hand, car thefts, stealing and property damage increased.

Last month, the police recorded 14 car thefts, including six Dodges, two Chevrolets, two Jeeps, one Chrysler, one Ford, one GMC and one Hyundai. In August 2011, there were only three car thefts.

There were 12 more incidents of stealing last month compared to August 2011, including increases in subcategories such as stealing from a car, stealing from a building and shoplifting.

There were also 27 property damage offenses last month compared to 18 the same time last year.

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