Readers Choose Doozle's As Best Ice Cream Shop

Readers say when it comes to unique flavors and quality, Doozle's has the best ice cream.

The votes have been cast and we have a winner in our ice cream challenge.

Doozle's in Florissant picked up the most votes to claim the victory.

Here's how the voting broke down. 

  • and Maryland Heights received 6 percent of reader's choice with 2 votes.
  • in Florissant received 37 percent of reader's choice with 12 votes.
  • in Florissant received 56 percent of reader's choice with 18 votes.

Thanks to everyone who voted and who nominated a choice location. 

Disagree with the votes? Got something to say about the winner? Let us know below. Also, feel free to leave a review on any of the shops in the challenge by rating them on the business listing.

Check back on Monday for next week's Dining Debate!

Kristin March 29, 2012 at 05:15 PM


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