Preschool Shopping

As the school year winds down, the search for preschool programs gears up.

As spring rapidly approaches, so does the end of the 2010-2011 school year. The end of this school year means it’s time to begin setting things in place for the next one.

For parents of young children, now is the time to choose a preschool because most area preschools open enrollment periods are during the month of March.

If it works into your family budget, preschool provides a lot of unique learning opportunities for young children, especially children that are the oldest or only one.

By that I mean, there are things that a young child can really only learn by spending time with other children. My two-year-old son knows colors, counting and ABCs, but what he doesn’t fully understand yet are sharing, taking turns and being part of a group.

Every time my family shares a special treat such as a bowl of ice cream or a giant cookie, even though we take turns, it seems like my son winds up with two bites for every one my husband and I get.

And neither my husband nor I care how many times in a row he goes down the slide in our backyard or how long he pushes his lawnmower around. But other little boys and girls his age, and eventually his little sister, will care.

In order to help my son learn some of these life skills, I began researching area preschools. Several area churches have preschool programs, including , and .

The Learning Center at Florissant Presbyterian Church accepts children beginning at the age of two. The and  districts both have Early Childhood Education programs. Attendance plans and prices vary between the different organizations, but with so many local options, there is sure to be a good fit for your little one.


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