Methods to Score Higher on Exams

For single moms who are returning to college to obtain a degree, the process of having to study for exams, and get back in the learning mode can seem pretty difficult, especially if you have been out of school for some time. For those who have been in the workplace for many years, and are considering returning to school, the idea of having to purchase school supplies, textbooks, and paying tuition can be a tough concept to get your head around, but in the long run, it will pay off, once you have that degree. 
If you have been out of school for a few years, for whatever reason after completing high school, the idea of getting back into study mode, and learning new subjects can be pretty intense. Although it is not easy to go through a semester, and have to take midterms and final exams at the end of each semester (in many cases these are the only grades you will get), learning to study again after being out of school for so long can take some getting used to. 
There are many resources to help you get over the shock that you actually are going to have to study to do well in college. For individuals who like to work with others, there are many tutoring programs available to you through the university you are attending (or there are also individuals who will tutor you outside the school setting for a fee.) If you are looking for free tutoring services, you can go to your guidance counselor for references, ask your professors to meet during office hours, or utilize the use of study groups with others in your classes to prepare for exams. 
For individuals who learn more easily on their own, the use of textbooks and study aides will be your best friend. There are many resources in school bookstores and the library (and online) which you can use to prepare you for exams. The sources you use are up to you, but make sure to be prepared for exams once they roll around. 

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