Getting Ready for the Honeymoon

As easy as it might sound, the honeymoon destination is another big decision in wedding planning.

As excited as I am for our June wedding take place, I’m more enthused to leave a couple of days later for our honeymoon in Mexico. 

We’ve never been on a vacation out of the country together, and it’ll be the first adventure of our married life.

Amazingly, just like everything else in wedding planning, choosing the honeymoon location could be difficult.

When we initially started our honeymoon search, we knew that we wanted to go to a place that neither of us had been, so that immediately cancelled Jamaica and Costa Rica.

We then moved into looking at cruises, as I had never taken one. (His entire family went on a cruise when he graduated from high school.)

Therefore, it became a simple decision of where did we want to cruise. There are so many options from Alaska to Mexico to the Bahamas. We thought we had settled on the Bahamas, but then that quickly changed at the 2011 St. Louis Bridal Show.

After consulting with , which is the easier route to go, we decided against a cruise, and we settled on a resort experience in a small town in Mexico for five days. 

There’s a lot of consideration that should be looked at when deciding on the honeymoon locale, such as: 

  • Time Constraints: One thing our travel agent asked us to look at was did we want to have freedom or a more restricted schedule. On a cruise, there’s a timetable set up, whereas on a trip, you’re playing by your own rules.
  • Activities: What type of activities would you and your new spouse like to do? One big thing for the both of us was near the beach and to be able to swim with dolphins. There are some added perks to our resort with several historic tours and ATV riding.
  • Price/Cost: How much can you truly afford? A lot of places cancelled themselves based on their price. If you have a strict budget, like we did, there are some places that have great off-season prices. You just have to ask about them.
  • Kids or No Kids: Something we never considered was, did we want to be near children? A lot of families might have been on cruises, where as an adult-only resort has no children in sight. Especially for a honeymoon, we decided on the adult-only resort way of life.
  • A Travel Agent: Again, a travel agent can make your life 10 times easier. For us, he found us great deals that we would not have found on our own, and he planned everything for us, which made life simpler, especially in the midst of wedding planning.

Whatever your decision, a honeymoon is a well-deserved reward for you and your new spouse!


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