Apocalypse Friday: End of the World As We Know It? Florissant Feels Fine.

Local residents chime in on the Mayan calendar, preppers and more. Add your voice to the discussion.

As Dec. 21, 2012 rapidly approaches, two defined camps seem to be developing—those who believe the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world, and those who think that it doesn't.

Some are preparing for the worst—stockpiling food, water and supplies, putting together special shelters and more. Others are having “End of the World” parties on that (potentially) fateful day.

Fortunately, NASA says it’s not going to happen, but since not everyone agrees, we asked our Facebook friends whether they believe that the world will end on Dec. 21.

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Taking It In Stride, One Way or Another

Laurie Tenshler said she’s on the fence about the possibilities, but that she’s going to “take it as it comes.”

“I’m not laughing about it, but I’m not stockpiling either,” Tenshler said. “When the world does end, you won’t be able to do anything about it anyway.”

Andrea D’Angelo felt much like Tenshler did, but said she’s trying something a little different to cope—a once-in-a-lifetime party.

“I could care less,” D’Angelo said, adding that there’s nothing you could do if the world actually ended. “It’s just another excuse for me and my crazy family to get together. We’re having an End of the World party and dressing up as zombies.”

Josh Goodman, who admits to having a “crazy side,” said that he’s “always stockpiling,” though he didn’t seem overly worried.

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Doubt, Fear and Indifference

Connie D’Angelo said it’s all about instilling fear in people.

“They have to have something to mmake folks afraid,” Connie D’Angelo said. “Sad, really.”

David Counts added that since “we lived through 2000,” he’s sure that “most of us will be here Dec. 23.”

“They couldn’t see Cortez coming and he only had three ships,” posted Laura Al-Amery. “You think they could predict the end of the world? Really?”

Some, like Timothy Miller, said they just didn’t care. Others, like Mike Hoffner, said if the world really is ending, we’d never know it.

“So, party like it’s 1999,” Hoffner added.

Not So Serious, But Beware of the Crazies

Danny Catlin and Don Zykan said the apocalypse won’t happen, while David Counts pointed out that “all the fuss over 2000 was pretty much a bust.”

“I told some of my zombie friends we should dress up and run down a street yelling, ‘It’s coming!’” Counts added.

“I think it’s absolutely false, but unfortunately many people are using it as an excuse to do crazy things,” posted Angie Simmons. “We have emergency bags packed as a precaution, not because we’re afraid of the world ending, but because were afraid of what people are going to do that day.”

Faith Will Carry Them Through

Several people plan to use their faith to get through the day.

“There is always a tomorrow and the next day, and I hope we can pray for whatever happens after that,” said Cindy Forguson.

Kristen Lauck said she believes that if something “apocalyptic does happen, it isn’t because the Mayans’ calendar ended.”

“It’s because God decided it’s time for his return,” Lauck said. “With that said, no one knows the time of his return, so it would be quite coincidental for it to happen the same date. Not impossible, just coincidence.”

Dawn Blanc agreed, saying that God is the only one who knows when the world is going to end.

What do you think? Will the world end on Friday, or will we all carry on? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below.

Tracy patchworn December 19, 2012 at 04:34 PM
Well i am thinking some people are STUPID because nothing would happen like that
Tracy patchworn December 19, 2012 at 04:36 PM
alococo December 21, 2012 at 04:59 PM
Stupid is as Stupid does Tracy! You don't even make sense.


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