Florissant Native Pushes Conservative Buttons with Progressive Talk Radio Show

Mark Bland professes to be a moderate-liberal radio show format in a sea of Missouri conservatives.

St. Louis is known for its conservative political radio, which dominates the news talk air waves. But what is fairly mute is a moderate-liberal political viewpoint.

Enter Mark Bland.

The Hazelwood resident, who grew up in Florissant, turns on Saturday afternoons on KYRO 1280 AM broadcasting from Moscow Mills.

National vs. Local

"I am streamed worldwide," Bland said. "More people know my show and listen to it around the world than they do in the St. Louis area."

In fact, he said his national fan base caught KYRO's attention and they decided to syndicate his show locally.

Radio 101

Bland likes to say he serves as an outlet for liberals and a sounding board for conservatives.

"We are a moderate-liberal show in the extremely conservative St. Louis market," he said. "Why do people like us? If you are conservative, all day long you can listen to local conservative shows and hear everything you want to hear."

But Bland says his show gives conservatives someone to debate.

"For this political season I became a great point in the middle," he said. "I'm a place for conservatives to call in and argue and liberals to have a place to identify. 

"Everyone loves discussion and someone to disagree with."

How It All Began

Bland has been at KYRO for two years.

"I was the MMA (mixed martial arts) guy for Fox Sports 1380 and when the station was purchased in 2010, 16 years into my radio career, I decided to leave and create the show," he said. " I have a podcast format on TheQNow.com and have 7,500 plus listeners that download each week.

Bland said he's been threatened many times for the progressive stance.

"I get hate mail on a weekly basis," he said. "I've become callous to it all."

Bland said he's yet to receive a death threat; however, one man said he wanted to go back-to-the-future and prevent his birth.

"I've been called a piece of crap," Bland said. "Someone called in and said they wished they could go back into time and slit my mother's throat so I would have never been born.

"To put it lightly, people can be crazy when it comes to their political views," Bland said.

What Now?

With the election complete, Bland said the show doesn't slow down.

"We don't create controversy but we are controversial," he said.

During the slow period when there isn't an election, bland said his show format is 60 percent political and the rest current events.

Bland grew up in Florissant and graduated from McCluer North High School. He lives in Hazelwood with his wife and children.

Tune in to his shows each Saturday on 1280 KYRO from noon to 2 p.m. You can also listen online at theqnow.com and westplexnewstalk.com. Follow bland on Twitter @MarkBland, @theqnow; or like on Facebook.

Click the two videos in the gallery to hear a snippets of Bland's show.


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