THF Realty Presenting TDD Proposal for Florissant Walmart Development

Florissant residents and officials will have a chance to hear the presentation and voice their support or opposition to the traffic development district.

After receiving approval from the Florissant City Council earlier this year for a Walmart development, THF Realty will ask for even more public assistance.

Tuesday, THF Realty will host a public hearing at the pertaining to its request for a Traffic Development District (TDD) for the Walmart project.

This would be the third request for the realty company regarding the project. Previously, the company has asked for tax-increment financing and a community improvement district. A TDD is a bit different from the other requests, though.

According to the Missouri Business and Community Services Division, a TDD can be created and be responsible for developing, maintaining or operating transportation-related projects where the district is located.

In addition, the district's board could have power to impose a property tax of 10 cents per $100 assessed value or a sales tax not exceeding 1 percent, dependent on voter approval, according to the Missouri Department of Transportation.

In previous presentations, THF Realty presented a traffic study that indicated a traffic light, signage and an access way on Sunswept would need to be included for the store on Lindbergh Boulevard.

The Florissant City Council or administration will not be deciding whether the TDD will be effective for the city, instead it will go through a circuit court for a decision of whether it would be enacted. This could be the third TDD for the City of Florissant, as others have been approved previously including one for Shoppes at Cross Keys.

Florissant Mayor Tom Schneider said that he will be speaking at the public hearing to voice his opposition to this plan.

“I’m disappointed that they didn’t listen to the public,” he said Monday night following the City Council meeting.

Schneider added that this is the third time THF is seeking public assistance, and they should move further as Florissant City Council passed it to have no public assistance.

The public hearing will take place Tuesday at 7 p.m. at St. Louis County Florissant Valley branch.

Matt Sanders October 23, 2012 at 09:13 PM
I would say connect walmart with Lowes Parking lot and Make it to one Big shopping center. I will still support this project but I will not support an additional tax. That would fund the light. I say create two to 6 back entrances and connect the lowes and walgreens with the walmart. I dont think we need a light unless the court rules.
Karen McKay October 23, 2012 at 10:25 PM
Really....what part of no assistance was not understood. THF (developer for Walmart) made many changes to their plan over the years returning time and again with request of TIF. In 2001, THF was turned down for Cross Keys and twice the City Council rejected assistance for the location on Hwy 67. This April, final plans were approved and no assistance was given. Why haven't they moved forward on the project....have they tossed the plan or are they returning for additional changes other than the light...if it smells like fish. With the new changes on TIF, and if the court rules in favor of the TDD, additional tax will be places on folks shopping in their taxing district. Hopefully THF is not returning with major changes or blind siding the city on the project...time will tell.
John November 01, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Karen, Thanks for your comments...I wish you had been there that evening...If possible be in the court room in St. Louis County Div 33 with Judge Liftin presiding when she makes her decision (yea right) in favor of this TDD...It is wrong! This TDD process after careful and digging HB 191 which created this district falls under MoSRS 238. amazing what the internet can provide...
Jim November 02, 2012 at 12:51 PM
What does Judge Liftin have to do with the decision? Isn't this a taxpayers decision through our representatives--the City Counsel? Let's just pull the approval. I don't understand.
Matt Sanders November 03, 2012 at 03:03 PM
the TDD the city council has no say in this. the TDD comes from the state of missouri which is decided the the county judge these types of taxes are harder to stop now more than ever.


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