Restaurant Inspections: Roberto's in Florissant Has a Few Issues

Crest Bowl comes out close to the top in this week's roundup of inspections.

We’re changing up our restaurant inspections a bit.

We've expanded our inspections to surrounding areas, including Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights and Hazelwood. 

Each week, Florissant Patch publishes information from the local restaurant inspections of St. Louis County Department of Health as well as their grade.

Here are the latest restaurant inspections for the past 90 days: 

Address: 650 N. New Florissant Rd.
Date of Inspection: Jan. 10
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 2
Grade: 99-A
Comments: Inspector saw an employee handle ready-to-eat food without gloves or other wear; sink had a debris buildup on the inside of it. 

Address: 16 Mullanphy Gardens Shopping Center
Date of Inspection: Dec. 15
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 2
Grade: 98-A
Comments: Inspector noticed raw beef and chicken being stored in the same container in the cooler; plates and trays not stored properly; soil stains seen on the soda fountain machine. 

Address: 1400 Ville Rosa Lane, Hazelwood
Date of Inspection: Dec. 19
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 2
Grade: 100-A
Comments: None 

Hyudon Cafe
Address: 11 Village Square Shopping Center, Hazelwood
Date of Inspection: Jan. 20
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 2
Grade: 80-B
Comments: Employees observed to not wash hands in between tasks; no paper towels at sink in women’s restroom; dishes not washed, rinsed and sanitized before being used; no date marking system observed; no Hepatitis A records available for all employees; food items not properly covered in coolers and walk-in freezer; hookah seen in food prep area, and no tobacco or alternative tobacco products can be in prep area at any time.
*Follow-up inspection scheduled for Jan. 30. 

Address: 12642 Dorsett Rd., Maryland Heights 
Date of Inspection: Jan. 11
Type of Inspection: N/A
Risk Factor: 1
Grade: 100-A
Comments: None

Address: 12710 Dorsett Rd., Maryland Heights
Date of Inspection: Jan. 24
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 3
Grade: 97-A
Comments: Sinks not easily accessible due to items standing in sinks; damp cloths not in sanitizer in between uses.
*Follow-up inspection scheduled for Feb. 3 

Address: 11505 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur
Date of Inspection: Jan. 17
Type of Inspection: Follow-up
Risk Factor: 1
Grade: 100-A
Comments: None


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