Restaurant Inspections: Pirrone's Investigated for Illness Complaint

We've got a new roundup of inspections for Florissant and surrounding areas.

We’re changing up our restaurant inspections a bit.

We've expanded our inspections to surrounding areas including Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights and Hazelwood. 

Each week, Florissant Patch publishes information from the local restaurant inspections of St. Louis County Department of Health as well as their grades.

Here are the latest restaurant inspections for the past 90 days:

Address: 1775 N. Highway 67
Date of Inspection: Oct. 6
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 3
Grade: 99-A
Comments: Dish machine needs servicing; food probe thermometer used in cooler; health permit needs to be renewed as it expired Sept. 30. 

Address: 1775 Washington St.
Date of Inspection: Oct. 27
Type of Inspection: Complaint
Risk Factor: 3
Grade: 100-A
Comments: Salad prep cooler not holding at right temperature and all food removed. People in a party of eight, with the exception of one, showed possible signs of E.Coli with symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, cramping and vomiting, and inspector discussed with management the preparation procedures and distributors for lettuce and pepperoni. No other complaints had been filed, but inspector urged management to take as much information as possible for further cases and to contact St. Louis County Health Department should anything arise. 

Address: 7133 Douglas W. Palmer Plaza, Hazelwood
Date of Inspection: Dec. 6
Type of Inspection: Follow-up
Risk Factor: 1
Grade: 86-B
Comments: Permit expired on Nov. 30 and must be paid immediately. In previous routine inspection, no food safety certification available, eggs holding at 51 degrees in refrigerator, broken thermometer inside refrigerator, boxes of food and water found on floor.
*Follow-up inspection scheduled for Dec. 16. 

Address: 7509 N. Lindbergh Blvd., Hazelwood
Date of Inspection: Dec. 14
Type of Inspection: Routine 
Risk Factor: 1
Grade: 100-A
Comments: None

Address: 2030 Dorsett Village, Maryland Heights
Date of Inspection: Nov. 7
Type of Inspection: N/A
Risk Factor: 2
Grade: 95-A
Comments: Several hazardous foods located on side of the display case and held at a temperature of more than 41 degrees.
*Follow-up appointment scheduled for Nov. 17 

Address: 12529 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur
Date of Inspection: Oct. 10
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 2
Grade: 98-A
Comments: Beef revealed a temperature of 56 degrees at prep; shelves in cooler have debris; vent and light fixture has build up.

Address: 10429 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur
Date of Inspection: Nov. 29
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 2
Grade: 100-A
Comments: None


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