World Records Set at Subterranean Books in U City

The RecordSetter.com founders visited St. Louis on Nov. 1 to oversee the setting of the record for "most books read aloud in a bookstore at one time" and promote their new book.

On Tuesday night, half-a-dozen people gathered at to , including "most books read aloud in a bookstore at one time."

Corey Henderson and Dan Rollman officially started RecordSetter.com, a website where users can post photos and videos detailing their record-claiming feats to share with the world, in 2008.

"We're both world record fanatics," Rollman said. "We like to call our website the 'Wikipedia of human achievement.'"

"The records have to be both breakable and quantifiable, but aside from that, it's up to you to be as creative as you like," Henderson said of the rules for submission.

On Tuesday night, Henderson and Rollman came to University City as part of a 16-city tour to promote their new book, "The RecordSetter Book of World Records." The book features a collection of stories behind the website's outlandish records that include everything from "most giraffe tattoos on a shoulder" (four) to "most pies thrown in face by a clown in one minute" (41).

Before getting to the live record-setting, Henderson and Rollman shared anecdotes about the formation of their company and some of the records that they've witnessed in real life and received on their website.

"The last three years have been pretty bananas," Rollman said.

In addition to the book-reading record (which came in at six books), Henderson and Rollman also observed as a few individuals went for their own records, including Josh Gilbert, who set the record for "most jazz hands in 30 seconds" at 92.

Melissa Lovell also set the record for "most times correctly saying 'toy boat' (a tongue-twister) in 15 seconds" at 16 times.

"I thought this would be fun," Lovell said of her reasoning for attending. "I feel pretty good about setting two records tonight. I'm already planning more."

Like Lovell, if you're interested in setting a world record, head to RecordSetter.com and submit one of your own or try to beat someone else's. Copies of the book can, of course, be purchased at Subterranean Books.

Rob McLean November 02, 2011 at 05:43 PM
That's fantastic! I wonder which books they read. Any biographies? Novels?
Catherine Krummey November 02, 2011 at 09:01 PM
People mostly just grabbed something random off the shelves at Subterranean. I know one woman read "Never Let Me Go," and another woman read a book called "My Parents Are Awesome."


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