Florissant Custard Battle: Fritz’s

We're judging the coolest summer treats in Florissant to see who's got the best.

In the first week of our Florissant custard challenge, our panel of three judges weighed in on .

You’ll find this local staple on the corner of St. Catherine’s in Old Florissant. The blue paint has faded throughout the years. Instead of inside seating, Fritz's offers a pair of bright blue benches and few all-weather metal tables outside.

If you want to enjoy your frozen custard in air-conditioned comfort but don’t want to risk it melting before you get home, Fritz's offers a row of shady carports reminiscent of a drive-in.

Fritz's only offers three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and the daily special. Our judges had an opportunity to sample both the mint chocolate and strawberry cheesecake.

If you just can’t wait for your Red Velvet Custard, Fritz’s offers 10 of its most popular flavors of the month in take-home quarts you can leave in your freezer and enjoy at your leisure.

Our judges sampled scoops, sundaes and banana splits. Here are their verdicts.

  • Creaminess: 8.5
  • Available Flavors: 3
  • Available Toppings: 8.5
  • Cost Effective: 4
  • Seating: 6

All three judges agreed Fritz’s custard is silky smooth.

Despite Fritz’s dubiously putting its “fruit” toppings in quotes, the fruit actually looked fresh and attractive.

Judge Catherine Krummey picked the Peach Melba sundae. “The raspberries and peaches were a perfect, lighter topping for a great summer dessert,” she said.

In the name of science, I chose a banana split with vanilla, chocolate and the mint chip flavor of the day. The chocolate and vanilla together tasted like everything I always wanted, but never received, from a swirl cone when I was a kid. This will spoil you for regular soft serve.

The soft custard lacks any of the grittiness that normally comes with soft serve ice cream.

I would’ve liked to see a better flavor selection, but Fritz's made up for it with plenty of topping options.

Frozen yogurt has a biting tang in the background. Soft serve ice cream often has a gritty texture. Fritz’s frozen custard had the same heft and weight in my hand, but the texture is what really set it apart. It was smooth, while still maintaining a volume and solidity. I’ve had richer ice creams, but never a creamier soft serve.

Next week, we sample the offerings at Doozle’s Frozen Custard.


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