B.J.'s Has Vegetarian-Friendly Comfort Food

The bar and restaurant serves delicious breaded mushrooms, mozzarella sticks and pizza.

may be known to most people as the bar at the corner of Washington and St. Ferdinand streets, but it actually serves some of the best pizza I've had in Florissant.

Before this review, I thought of B.J.'s as just another bar. After receiving a coupon for "B.J.'s Pizza" on the back of a  receipt, I was curious to find out where it was and discovered that the bar and the pizza place are one in the same.

This bar primarily has an established clientele (all of the other patrons who were there knew each other by name as well as the employees), which is to be expected when going to a place that has been around for 56 years.

As it was a place that I've never been, I decided to bring a couple of guests along who also had never been there. We walked up to the kitchen window to peruse the menu. In addition to pizza, B.J.'s also offer a variety of appetizers and sandwiches.

For our order, the three of us split breaded mushrooms ($2.50 for 10), mozzarella sticks ($3.35 for 6) and a large cheese pizza ($8.35). Minus the aforementioned coupon ($1.50 off a large pizza) and adding tax and tip, our order came to $15.45.

This might not be the healthiest meal I've ever reviewed, but (most) vegetarians enjoy indulging in a little comfort food just as much meat eaters do.

We started off on a delicious note to the meal with the breaded mushrooms and mozzarella sticks. B.J.'s serves them with ranch dressing and marinara sauce, respectively.

While they might have been a little on the salty side, the perfect breading (with little or no grease dripping off) paired with the fresh mushrooms and mozzarella provided us with some tasty appetizers.

On the restaurant's menu, it's mentioned that the pizza does take 20 to 30 minutes to be prepared, so B.J.'s would probably not be the best option if you're in a rush (unless you call ahead to carry out your order).

Our cheese pizza took about 30 minutes, but it was well worth it. It came out piping hot (beware for your fingers), smelling and looking delicious.

The crust was thin—so flaky and light that it might just be the best basic pizza crust I've ever had. It was topped with tomato sauce and a variety of cheeses, including Parmesan and mozzarella.

The toppings complemented the crust without becoming so cumbersome that the pizza broke apart.

We noticed while waiting for our food that the restaurant also serves pie, but at the end of our indulgent meal we were too full to attempt to eat anything else.

Overall, I was pleased with our experience at B.J.'s, and I'm likely to return when I'm in the mood for a good traditional pizza.

With our meal coming to a little more than $5 a person, I know it won't hurt my wallet, either.

More information about B.J.'s, including the full menu, can be found on the restaurant's website.


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