10 Expensive Homes for Sale in Florissant

“Florissant Patch” rounds up a list of the highest-priced homes for sale around town--and they're less expensive than you think.

Are you in the market for a new home in Florissant?

Each week, Patch goes on a hunt for homes for sale in town. This week, we’re focusing on 10 of the most expensive homes currently on the Florissant market.  


  1. 16970 Old Jamestown Rd.--$520,000, five bedrooms, six baths, 4,498 square feet.
  2. 4634 Behlmann Grove Pl.--$290,000, seven bedrooms, four baths, 2,272 square feet.
  3. 4580 Behlmann Farms Blvd.--$270,000, four bedrooms, two baths, 2,358 square feet.
  4. 106 Riverwood Estates--$259,900, five bedrooms, four baths, 3,563 square feet.
  5. 16708 North Fork Ridge Dr.--$229,900, three bedrooms, four baths, 2,612 square feet.
  6. 4654 Behlmann Farms Blvd.--$225,000, four bedrooms, two baths, 2,231 square feet.
  7. 4007 Waneway Ct.--$219,900, four bedrooms, three baths, 2,495 square feet.
  8. 1664 Emerald Creek Dr.--$215,000, four bedrooms, three baths, 3,329 square feet.
  9. 1285 Saint Denis--$215,000, four bedrooms, four baths, 2,684 square feet.
  10. 3924 Branwen Ct.--$210,000, five bedrooms, five baths, 2,784 square feet.

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