Let's Find Penelope: Local Animal Shelter Volunteers Heartbroken Over Missing Pup

Heads up, Florissant: there's a very special dog missing today. Can you help find her?

A local non-profit animal shelter is asking for the community's help in locating a very special missing dog.

"Our dog Penelope got away from her foster home in the area of New Halls Ferry and Lindbergh from the Wedgwood subdivision on Jan. 9,"  said Anne Cashel of St. Animal Pet Adoptions. "We're desperate to get a sighting of her but want to make sure that the public knows not to chase her."

Cashel said Penelope is a "terribly scared dog and she will not come to people," adding that the St. Animal Pet Adoptions group has spent weeks going out to the neighborhoods talking with businesses and residents and will continue to do so.  

Have you seen Penelope?

If you think you may have seen Penelope, you can contact Anne Cashel by email at moosecashel@yahoo.com or by phone at 314-223-3371.   

"We've worked very hard with Penelope over months to help her heal enough to go to a foster home and with love, dedication and patience of our volunteers," Cashel said. "We're heartbroken and want to do everything possible to get her back soon, safe and sound."   

Click the images to enlarge and read more about Penelope.

Jerry hutter January 21, 2013 at 11:30 PM
Beautiful girl; will definitely keep an eye out. I have a new stray rescue girl myself & I know how scary it is to be missing a dog. Thanks for all you do for dogs& I truly pray you will find her. Jeraldine HUTTER.


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