Florissant in the Blogs

As blogging soars in popularity, Florissant is well-represented in the blogosphere.

Since Patch recently launched its very own blogging platform, we’ve got blogging on the brain. According to the team at Hat Trick Associates, Technorati reported in 2009 that there were more than 200 million blogs out in the cyberspace. The blogosphere has continued to grow exponentially since then.

“When including non-English in the total number, especially those in Chinese Mandarin, and there may be over one-billion blogs worldwide,” writes the Hat Trick team. “This equates to 1 out of every 6 people in the world with a personal blog.”

Between Florissant-based bloggers and Florissant residents who are featured on national blogs, it’s safe to say that our city is well-represented in the blogosphere.

This week, we’ve put together five recent Florissant-related blog posts for your reading pleasure.

The Pink Slipper Project Features Florissant Resident

The Pink Slipper Project is a blog dedicated to “warming the hearts and toes of women and children living in shelters.” Blogger and founder of The Pink Slipper Project, Joyce Lucas, says the project’s goal is to provide handmade slippers to these women and children. Recently, Lucas featured Florissant resident Norma Wampler, who donated 22 pairs of handmade slippers to the project.

“Thank you so much for your kind and generous contribution of 22 Pair of slippers Norma Wampler,” Lucas writes. “Together we will be warming hearts and toes all over the nation.”

Florissant Patch’s Massage Blogger

Gail Waisanen, one of our own Local Voices bloggers and the owner of Florissant-based , recently posted on the . Turns out it’s not just a luxury—so if you’ve been looking for an excuse reason to get a good massage, look no further.

“Massage isn’t simply about pampering yourself; its therapeutic aspects enable your body to function better,” Waisanen writes. “The fact that is feels really, really good is a wonderful bonus.”

Auto Repair in Florissant

Florissant-based website features an auto repair blog, which recently ran a post on auto repair ethics in Florissant. The Sullivan team believes that communication is key when it comes to getting (and giving) good auto repair service.

“It’s like going to the doctor. If she’s using medical jargon and takes a lot of basic medical knowledge for granted, we have a hard time following her train of thought,” writes Sullivan’s blogger. “We understand it can be like that with your service advisor at Sullivan Tire & Auto, too. He’s so familiar with all things automotive, he may forget you don’t know a PCV from an EGT.”

Florissant Patch’s Health and Beauty Blogger

Another Local Voices blogger, Roann Keeven, recently wrote about the . She offers tips on how to minimize the effects the environment has on your skin.

“Most people do not realize that 90 percent of signs of aging of our skin is from the environment and only 10 percent is from genetics,” Keeven writes.

FloValley News Blog

The FloValley News Blog, which covers Florissant, Black Jack, Hazelwood and Spanish Lake, recently ran a post announcing that applicants are being sought for Veteran of the Year in Florissant.

“Nomination forms are available at the Florissant Police Department, all city offices, and the Greater North County Chamber of Commerce,” writes the FloValley blogger. “Completed forms should be mailed or delivered to the police department no later than July 31.”

Nick Gilham June 24, 2011 at 09:55 PM
My name is Nick Gilham and I am a Florissant resident. I write a blog that helps jobseekers and small businesses use social media. You can check it out at www.abrandedyou.com
Angela Atkinson June 25, 2011 at 02:22 AM
Nick, Thanks so much for sharing your link! You've definitely got some great content there. Angela :)


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