Facebook Fans Weigh in on Florissant Being Named to Best Places List

Our fans had mixed feelings about this week's news.

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Earlier this week, , and a number of people responded to the story on our Facebook page.

Maria Ciaramitaro O’Day wrote on our page, “Wow! I raised my kids here in Florissant, and while the economy has taken its toll on this community I am proud to call it home. I love how the folks who abandoned our community for greener pastures are usually the ones who trash Florissants reputation pretty cowardly if you ask me!”

Kim Thomas followed up by saying,” I've been in Florissant almost 30 years. Yes there are good things bad things and in between things. I wouldn't live anywhere else.”

“Great neighbors & good schools plus.., Pearl, nice parks like & St. Ferdinand Parks, , , , , , , St. Ferdinand fish fry, Las Fuentes, De-lish to name a few,” wrote Mary Ann McClenahan.

As many that were excited to speak positively about their community, though, there were several who spoke against it.

“I would love to move if the economy was not so horrible and I could sell my condo I would leave and never come back,” Rachel M Ray Ray wrote.

James Elliot wrote, “The people who do these lists of best places to live often overlook important aspect of what makes a community tick. Small towns have their share of problems. As Jackie Barnette mentions, crime rates in certain areas in the Midwest are actually higher than other areas of the country, Florissant may be such an example. What does the community do about this begs the question of why this is one of the best places to live. When I read these best places listings, I often question the variables used to decide those factors.”

What do you think of the city's recent selection to the Best Cities to Live list? 

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Nancy Barber August 26, 2012 at 09:32 PM
I have only lived here five years but if I knew then what I know now I would NEVER have moved here. I really like the people I've met, however the city's penchant to play the "Big Brother" scene not only is an invasion of my privacy but borders on harrassment. They pay no attention to what your rebuttal is instead they insist they're right no matter how incorrect they are! I don't need or want that type of living. I file it under "Socialism" and an infringement of my First Amendment Rights!


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